HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is global medical mystification

"The idea of "creation" of the AIDS-virus belongs to the American centre for decease control and prevention (CDC) . The centre received 2 billion dollar annually on fighting epidemics, had a staff of thousand employee, and tended to interpreter any illness outbreak as an epidemic outbreak, which gave them possibility to manipulate the public opinion, to acquire financial support for its activity. The idea of AIDS- HIV virus became one of such projects, developed and advertised by the centre and the epidemic intelligence service. As one of the centre employee claimed: If we learn to manage AIDS, it will serve as a model for other deceases”.
(Dr.Brian Ellison- from the article "Backstage game around the problem of HIV virus")

"Constant stressing HIV/AIDS incurability serves only one purpose: to receive money on research or at other pretext. In particular, some sum of money is spent on development and purchasing toxic drugs, which do not strengthen, but ruin the immune system, condemning people to death from side effects. AIDS is not a deadly decease it’s a deadly business.”
( Hungarian scientist Antal Mak)
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HIV virus is global medical mystification

Extracts from the interview with Dr.Irina Sazonova.

The existence of HIV-AIDS was turned from scientific hypothesis to “scientifically proved” near 1980 in USA. Many articles on the subject appeared ever since. At that time academician Valentine Pokrovsky said that the question what is HIV should be thoroughly studied and checked once more. Over the last twenty five years the virus theory of AIDS origin was refuted by many scientists trough experiments and clinical researches. Among the scientists are Australian group supervised by Eleni Papadopulos, group supervised by Californian professor Peter Duesberg and group supervised by Hungarian scientist Antal Mak, who worked in many countries of Europe and Africa and managed the hospital in Dubai. There are more than six thousands scientists involved in this. Many famous and high-skilled specialists including Noble laureates are among them. Finally, the fact that the so-called human immunodeficiency virus has never been discovered was admitted by the very persons who "discovered" it – Luk Montanier from France and Robert Gallo from America. Still the world scale deception continues… Very big money and power are behind it. On the Budapest congress in 1997 the same Antal Mak revealed many details on the way of creating AIDS-establishment by American authorities. The plan included many different governmental and non-governmental AIDS organizations and services, health department services representatives, different pharmaceutical firms, companies on AIDS-fighting, and also HIV/AIDS-journalism.

In 1998 I stated the AIDS theory opponents’ point of view on the parliament hearing "concerning the urgent measures on preventing the widespreading of AIDS" in Russian State Duma. The answer was… total silence, and then – increase of financing this branch of medicine. HIV/AIDS nowadays is an extremely profitable business, and thousands of scientific researches, medical experiments and reliable facts refuting the virus theory of AIDS are simply ignored.
Don’t get it wrong. Nobody says there is no AIDS. AIDS – acquired immunodeficiency syndrome exists. But it is not caused by the virus. To be infected by it in usual sense is impossible. We knew about immunodeficiency long ago. Some thirty or forty years ago, when there was no talking about AIDS, every medical student was told that immunodeficiency can be congenital or acquired. We knew all the deceases which are now united under the name of AIDS. According to the World Health Organization’s version, deceases, previously known as trachea, bronchus and lungs candidiasis, gastric thrush, cryptosporidia, salmonellosis septicemia, pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumocystyc pneumonia, herpes simplex, cytomegalovirus

infection (affecting other organs that liver, spleen and lymph nodes), cervical micro invasive carcinoma, emaciation syndrome and many others are now called AIDS.

Speculations on the HIV-AIDS problem is the biggest fraud on the modern medicine market. Weaken condition of immune system or immunodeficiency has been known to medics for a long time. There are social reasons for immunodeficiency – poverty, undernutrition, drug addiction and other. There are ecological reasons. Every particular case of weaken immune system requires careful and thorough examination so that the reason of immunodeficiency can be detected. As I have said, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome exists, existed and will exist. Along with the diseases caused by weaken immunity. No medic or scientist can deny it and none does. Still AIDS is not an infection and is not caused by any virus. There are no facts that prove the existence of human immunodeficiency virus causing AIDS. I will recite the world famous biochemist and Noble laureate Carry Mullis: "If there is evidence that HIV is the virus causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high probability. There is no such document."

Anatomist from Irkutsk Vladimir Ageyev has been doing research on the AIDS problem for fifteen years. He made autopsies of people, registered in AIDS centres as HIV positive. Most of them were drug addicts and died of toxic hepatitis and tuberculosis. No traces of HIV were found, thou every virus is supposed to leave it’s trace in organism. Nobody in the world has ever seen HIV. But people with interest at stake are still fighting undetected virus. Fighting in most dangerous way.  Antiretroviral therapy, that is supposed to fight HIV infection, result in immunodeficiency. It kills all the cells especially that of bone marrow which produces cells of immune system. The drug AZT (zidovudin, retrovir) used for treating AIDS was invented long ago for treating cancer, but wasn’t used back then because of its high toxicity. Many victims of AIDS are drug addicts. Drugs are toxic for immune cells. Immune system is destroyed by drugs, not by virus. Drugs destroy liver, which neutralises toxic substances and takes part in metabolism. Sick liver can result in any decease. Drag addict is more likely to have toxic hepatitis. AIDS can be caused by drugs, but it is not an HIV infection and doesn’t transfer. Still on the background of immunodeficiency a real infection can appear, specifically viral hepatitis type B and well-known Botkin decease – viral hepatitis type A.

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HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is global medical mystification
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