HIV - Global medical falsification
(part II)

HIV - global medical falsification part 1

In 1993 American doctor Robert Willner made himself an injection of AIDS-positive blood. Asked why he is risking his life, the doctor said: “I do it to put an end to the biggest deadly deception in the human history.”

HIV vaccine

Reports on creation of vaccine against AIDS often appear in press. I always find it amusing to read such reports. In the medical articles the creators of “panacea” complain that old Paster’s method of vaccine creation gives no result. It only gives no result because one but main part needed for vaccine creation is missing – the starting material called virus.
Strange as it may seem, without the virus, classical method of vaccine creation won’t work. In the nineteenth century the founder of the modern microbiology and immunology Lui Paster couldn’t imagine that people, who call themselves scientists, will be creating vaccine from nothing saying that his method is good for nothing. As mythical is the HIV itself, so mythical is  the idea of creating the HIV vaccine. What is not mythical is huge money, spent on this deception.

In the introduction to the book "Inventing the AIDS Virus" by Peter Duesberg, Kary Mullis, the Noble laureate, professor writes: "I was sure of AIDS virus origin, but Peter Duesberg claimed it was a mistake. Now I see that the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is one hell of a mistake. I say this rather strongly as a warning."

Peter Duesberg claims in his book "Inventing the AIDS Virus" : “Fighting AIDS resulted in defeat. From 1981 more than 500000 Americans and more than 150000 Europeans were given a diagnosis HIV/AIDS. Taxpayers paid more than 45 billion dollars, but up to now no HIV vaccine, no treatment and no effective prevention were created. Not a single patient with AIDS recovered.” Professor Duesberg says that AIDS contradicts all the laws of infectious deceases. For instance: examined wives of 15000 HIV-positive Americans were not infected despite of living full sexual life with their husbands.

On the conference in Barcelona Etienn de Harven, professor of pathology who had been doing electronic microscopy for 30 years, worked out in details the technical arguments for absence on the microscopy what is known as HIV. He explained that if HIV existed it would be easy to receive samples from people with high virus load. As there is no virus, no diagnosis tests can be prepared from so called fragments of the virus. No virus – no fragments. Proteins that made diagnosis tests on detecting antibodies are not the parts of mythological virus. Relatively, they can indicate no virus, but give false positive result with antibodies which appear in human organism after any vaccination and many different well known in medicine deceases. False positive result can also be detected during pregnancy, which explains the increased number of HIV-positive women.

Sometimes even professional can be confused by the world HIV-AIDS statistics. For instance: “HIV annual report” by The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS UNAIDS and World Health Organization: Numbers, percents, indices. And a little secondary paragraph:b "UNAIDS and WHO do not guarantee the reliability of the information and are not responsible for any harm done by using this information."

But what is the sense of reading the information if there is such a paragraph? What is the sense of spending millions on AIDS spreading research and control? And where do the money spend on AIDS go?

According to the centre for AIDS prevention head’s data, announced in the previous century, by the year of 2000 in Russia must have been 800000 people with AIDS. But this quantity is not reached even nowadays. Besides, there is a confusion: AIDS-HIV. And every year the number of sick people is multiplied by 10, coefficient, created in American centre for decease control and prevention, who created atypical pneumonia with uncertain symptoms, cow madness, and now bird flew. Rubbish! They always appeal to fight the infections. But what infections, real or fictional?